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Our Core Business – Improving PV system efficiency

Improve the performance of PV systems under tropical conditions. involving but not limited to systems modelling of solar components, MPPT algorithm development and module/system efficiency, with a background in modelling or algorithms and algorithm development. We employ our expertise and experience in the renewable energy field and assist our client to increase their revenue.

Provide energy audits to company’s client facilities across the regional countries, making recommendations on energy conservation measures with calculated financial paybacks through operational cost savings and applicable incentive schemes, We support energy consultation and requirements toward sustainable energy.

Deliver energy strategy consulting services and reports to clients as needed.

Track new energy efficiency technologies, market practices, updates the energy policies, program launch and identify our clients strategy and make recommendations.

Establish an energy conservation plan within the firm with management’s consent about the mandate and task of the plan. Initiate activities to improve monitoring and process control to improve the energy generation from renewable energy sources like Solar Photovoltaic System. and reduce the operation costs to meet the energy and operations cost challenges. Ensure the Cost Control System /Project works effectively and cost status is soundly assessed and reported for monthly closure and meeting annual budget. Monitor cost project activity progress and the relevant earned value, as well as the value of work done against the invoices received, determining the monthly accruals to reflect accurate monthly revenue.

Develop consulting platform to support local clients requirement. Prepare an annual activity plan and present to management concerning financially attractive investments to improve the energy generation and provide audit and energy reports to the relevant authority. Regulate and monitor the System performance to improve the efficiency by monit0oring and analysis, carry out preventive maintenance to prevent the energy loss and putting in place new policies and changes where needed


Singapore’s overall energy policy framework aims to maintain a balance of our policy objectives viz. economic competitiveness, energy security and environmental sustainability. As nearly all of our energy is imported, we are subject to the volatility of the global energy markets. We will ensure that our economic growth is supported by access to competitively-priced and reliable energy supplies. To enhance our resilience against this volatility and to ensure adequate energy supply to meet our demand, we will also continue with our strategy of diversifying our energy sources to enhance our energy security. Environmental sustainability and international climate change negotiations are also important considerations. Hence, we will continue to pursue efforts in energy efficiency and carbon mitigation.


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