Energreen Technologies Pte Ltd

Energreen Technologies is a Singapore-based company that specializes in renewable energy solutions and the implementation of green mobility systems.

Our team is made up of highly regarded professionals who are experienced in delivering green solutions to meet our ambitious climate change ambitions, with innovations and technologies most likely to make the biggest difference in achieving zero emissions targets.

Our Green Mobility team works on electric vehicle solutions for electric vehicle charging and battery swapping solutions to achieve a green plan for transportation by 2030 and achieve zero emissions through clean energy electric vehicles on the road.

Energreen Solar Energy Pte Ltd

Energreen Solar Energy focuses on the implementation of renewable energy solutions, including solar photovoltaic and energy storage system solutions.

Our team is committed to the fact that electrification and green electricity will replace fossil energy, not only in transportation, but also in industry and life. We are seeing a major shift towards green energy production, including widespread adoption of solar and energy storage, with key areas being BAPV and BIPV solutions for building envelopes and vertical facade wall-mounted solar PV installations. Safety measure is all about setting yourself apart.

Our Vision

We aim to become one of the significant contributor of holistic sustainable solutions globally.

Our Mission

To provide high quality and cost effective sustainable solution in Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle area to meet basic human needs and to contribute towards a greener earth.

  • Large-Scale PV System (PPA)
  • Solar Air-Conditioner (Hybrid)
  • Solar Air-Conditioner (Stand-alone)
  • Stand alone Hybrid PV System
  • BIPV / BAPV (Facade / Cladding)
  • Energy Storage System
  • Light weight Flexi PV System
  • EV Battery Swap Soluation
  • EV Charging Station