Energy Storage System (ESS)

Our Solution from Household ESS to Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage System

Product advantages

Customise Solution

According to customer needs, the type and capacity of the battery system can be flexibly configured


Power Conversion System

PCS adopts modular architecture, easy maintenance, flexible configuration, and can realize multiple parallel machines


Support off-grid

Support off-grid operation mode, seamless switching, support black start


Energy Management System

EMS unattended system, local control, cloud monitoring operation, with highly customizable functions


Energy Management System

It has various modes such as peak shaving and valley filling, demand response, anti-backflow operation, backup power supply, command response, etc.


Fire Protection System

Equipped with complete gas fire extinguishing system and automatic fire monitoring and alarm system, sound and light alarm and fault upload


Cooling System

Equipped with a complete heat dissipation and temperature control system to ensure that the temperature of the battery compartment is within the optimal working range


Remote Access Control

The access control system has remote control and local operation functions.


Wall Mounted ESS (Household Solution)

Solar photovoltaic energy storage integrated system is a device that combines solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation system and energy storage system (ESS), with the ability to convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it. This will reduce electricity bills for using solar energy during the day and switching to battery storage systems (ESS) at night. If you have the right system design and configuration, you can enjoy zero electricity bill costs for over 20 years. Switching to solar power also helps protect the environment. Solar energy is a clean energy source that does not emit carbon dioxide. The solar system has a long life and low maintenance costs. Once installed, solar systems require little to no additional maintenance. This makes solar a reliable and affordable energy option for homes. Typical home ESS systems are around 5kWh or 10kWh systems.


Rack Mount ESS (Commercial & Industrial)

Modular Energy Storage Solutions ESS systems can be configured with solar photovoltaic (PV) or wind turbine systems or grid-tied to replace diesel generators in many buildings and remote locations. Lithium-ion batteries are reducing the cost of renewable energy and making decentralized solutions economically viable to complement other renewable energy grid connections. ESS rack mount systems are designed and manufactured with custom batteries to meet the stringent requirements of emergency backup power and used as battery energy storage systems



  • Carbon Footprint
    CO2 emissions.
  • High efficiency
    Lithium ion batteries have a higher energy efficiency
  • Less maintenance
    Lithium ion batteries do not require maintenance.
  • Higher energy density
    Lithium ion Batteries storage lesser space compared to Generators.
  • Lower Operating Costs
    Lower operating cost compared to Generator.
  • Parallel Revenue
    Parallel revenue from ESS-enabled services. (EV Charging Station)
Container Energy Storage System (Power Plant)

Containerized energy storage systems (ESS) are used to manage solar intermittency and maintain grid stability. Its ability to store energy for future use and respond quickly to power fluctuations helps maintain power system stability and reliability. Add-on to Energuy Automobile solution with 0.4kV, 500kWh.

.Supplement Renewables

Use ESS to supplement solar panels or wind when not generating to manage solar intermittency and maintain grid stability.


Peak Shaving

ESS allows utility operators to switch power sources, drawing power from batteries during the day, when it is more expensive, and charging it at night, when it is less expensive. Manage power economically.


Load Leveling

The ESS manages the generation facility, as stepping up or stepping down the voltage of the generation facility may cause excessive stress on the grid power supply system. ESSs can help flatten the demand curve by charging when electricity demand is low and discharging when it is high.


Uninterruptible Power Supply

ESS can provide near instantaneous power interruption protection and is commonly used in telecommunications, hospitals, data centres, banks


The solar PV panels and inverters, where applicable, shall be third party tested and certified to relevant IEC standards, such as IEC 61215, and IEC 61727.

The proposed vertical solar PV system shall adhere to the Singapore Fire Code 2013, in particular, but not limited to Section 3.5.7 on vertical fire spread. The Qualified Person (QP) will be required to obtain the Singapore Civil Defence Force’s (SCDF) approval for the proposed vertical solar PV solution.

Technical Complexity


·       Wall mounted (Household Solution) 24V 48V

Strongly Recommend For Popular 24V 48V 100ah 200ah Powerwall Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery



·       Stacked (Industrial Solution) 24V 48V

24V 48V 50ah 100ah 200ah 400ah Rack Type Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery Pack With LCD Display



·       Rack mount (Commercial Solution) 96V-384V

GSO 96V Bracket Type Total Capacity 10KWH 20KWH 30KWH Lifepo4 Battery 100AH 200AH 300AH For Energy Storage System



·       Stacked (Industrial Solution) 96V-384V

102.4v 100ah 200ah 300ah Energy Storage ESS Lithium 10kwh 15kwh 20kwh 25kwh Lifepo4 Stacked Battery



·       Rack mount (Solar Energy System) 96V-384V

192V High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery For Solar Energy System



·       Rack mount (High Voltage Solar ESS) 384V-900V

384V Pylontech Lithium Iron Phosphate Solar Battery Pack 100ah 200ah For Solar System



·       Rack mount (Customised High Voltage Solar ESS)

GSO 360V Lithium Ion Battery 36KWH 72KWH 108KWH Lifepo4 Battery 100AH 200AH 300AH For Energy Storage System



·       Energy Storage Container 500kW 1MW

500kw 1mw Lithium Storage Solar Energy Battery Utility Energy Storage Container


·       Energy Storage 1MWh 1MW Solar Power Plant

GSO High Voltage Lithium Ion Batteries Storage 1mwh 1 Mw Solar Power Plant With Battery Storage


·       Energy Storage 1MWh 1MW Solar Power Plant

GSO High Voltage Lithium Ion Batteries Storage 1mwh 1 Mw Solar Power Plant With Battery Storage


New Design - Energy Automobile 0.4kV - 500kWh
  • STS – Static Transfer Switch Module
  • PCS – Power Coversion System 
  • EMS – Energy Management System
  • Cooling System
  • Fire Safety System
  • Lithium Ion Battery Storage            

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