Our Core Business - Improving PV system efficiency

We improve the performance of PV systems under through:

  • System modelling of solar components
  • Developing an MPPT algorithm to optimize module/system efficiency

Leveraging on our expertise and experience in the renewable energy field, we assist our clients in maximising their ROI for their Solar PV Systems.
Our goal is to maximize energy generation from Solar PV systems and minimize operational costs to meet their energy production needs within their budget.

Also, we also provide energy audits at our client’s facilities across the region, making recommendations on energy conservation measures with calculated financial paybacks through operational cost savings and applicable incentive schemes and deliver reports on our findings.

As the sustainable energy landscape is constantly changing, we constantly keep ourselves updated with new energy-efficient technologies and market practices. With this information, we always strive to make up-to-date recommendations that are in line with our client’s needs.

Optimizing PV Performance via Power Optimizer and Micro-Inverter

Building Integrated Photovoltaic System (BIPV) and Building Attached Photovoltaic System (BAPV) systems may suffer from lower performance than predicted as a result of shading cause by nearby tall building or objects like lamp post. Our PvFoundry Power Optimizer system architectures have been proposed to optimize performance. The common approach of these new devices is to track the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of every solar module individually. The energy yield can overcome by three different architectures design (string inverter, power optimizer, micro inverter) as to maximum energy yield especially under partial shading and clear condition.

The key technology of PvFoundry power optimizer is comprehensive combination of high efficiency electronic converting technique, express DSP and controlling technology, advanced semiconductor integrated circuit technology, data acquisition and monitoring technology, network communication and data processing technology etc. Base on those technologies, it could optimize the power output of each PV module by independent module level MPPT and consequently achieve the maximum power generation of the entire PV system.

PvFoundry power optimizers are DC-DC converters connected to PV modules in order to maximize the energy harvested from each module. It can achieve module-level maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and plays a critical part in the whole power system.

Each power optimizer transmits its module’s performance data to a shared data communicator. The signals from the distributed power optimizers and inverters are received by the data communicator and can be used for remote monitoring and maintenance.

The power optimizers have been widely used in the grid-tied PV power system applications from pilot power sites to mega solar parks.