EV Battery Swap Solution / ESS (V2S2G Technology)

电动汽车自动化电池更换系统 EV Battery Swap Solution / ESS (V2S2G Technology)

Current trends in Electric Vehicles

The government is strongly encouraging the public to adopt electric vehicles for environmental protection in order to achieve the GREENPLAN 2030 vision. However, EV charging infrastructure is a concern for everyone, be it car seller, an EV owner, or someone who is planning to buy a new car. The current available EV charging infrastructure is still insufficient to achieve the government’s goal of becoming an EV hub by 2030. Many EV manufacturers and governments are proactively installing EV charging stations so that we will have more charging stations. This includes occupying many lands and balancing the power supply. (Latest update announced by LTA: Battery swapping for electric motorcycles now possible).


政府正在大力鼓励公众采用电动汽车来环保以实现GREENPLAN2030愿景。但是电动汽车充电基础设施是每个人都关注的问题,无论是汽车销售商、电动汽车车主、还是计划购买新车的人。虽然目前可用的电动汽车充电基础设施不足以实现政府到 2030 年成为电动汽车枢纽的目标。因此,许多电动汽车制造商和政府都在主动安装电动汽车充电站,这样我们的充电站就会越来越多。占用大量的土地和供电量的均衡。(LTA宣布: 现在允许更换电动摩托车电池的方案)

Battery Swapping Solution for Electric Vehicles 

We have adopted the fastest battery swap technology process to reduce consumer’s concern and harm. Our EV Battery Swap Solution is not just for private EV Cars or Fleet Operators, we also support van and truck battery replacement. Our goal is to build the capability to serve different brands of electric vehicles in Singapore and regional countries. Through an automated process, we will be able to replace a depleted EV battery with a fully charged EV battery in under a minute. The entire process will be automated and digitized through mobile applications and payment portals. Consumers can use their access cards and mobile phones conveniently to operate without having the need to come out of the car, allowing them to stay safe and comfortable. The aim is to accelerate the implementation of electric vehicles, contribute to reducing carbon emissions, and doing our part to mitigate climate change. To enjoy a greener environment.


我們採用了最快的電池更換技術流程,以減少消費者的擔憂和傷害。我們的電動汽車電池更換解決方案不僅適用於私人電動汽車或車隊運營商,而且我們還支持貨車和卡車電池更換。我們的目標是建立在新加坡和區域國家本地服務不同品牌電動汽車的能力。通過自動化流程,我們能夠在一分鐘內用充滿電的 EV 電池更換耗盡/電量不足的 EV 電池。整個過程將通過移動應用程序和支付門戶實現自動化和數字化。消費者無需下車,安全舒適,使用門禁卡和手機進行操作。加快電動汽車的實施,為減少碳排放做出貢獻,為減緩氣候變化儘自己的一份力量。享受更綠色的環境。 

Alternatives to Charging Stations

Many countries are also looking for alternatives to various charging stations, including car dealers and fleet operators who are open to explore car battery swapping solution. This is the best option to charge your battery without wasting any time to wait for your EV to charge. With the battery replacement option, a depleted EV battery can be removed from the vehicle and be replaced with a fully charged battery in seconds. Convenient and fast. Greatly reduces unnecessary waiting time.


目前許多國家也正在尋找充電站的替代方案,这包括汽车供应商和车队运营商, 他們正在探讨汽车電池更換方案。這是為電池充電而不會浪費時間等待電動汽車充電的最佳選擇。通過電池更換選項,可以在幾秒鐘內將耗盡的 EV 電池從車輛中取出並更換為充滿電的電池。方便又快捷。大大的减少不必要的等候时间

What are the advantages of Battery Swap

·      Battery swap in a minute

·      Batteries can be charged outside the swap point, allowing for more freedom in setting up swap facilities

·      Improved predictability of battery life due to controlled charging conditions

·      If we want to reduce the upfront cost of electric vehicles, we can replace it with battery leasing


  • • 在分鐘內為電池充電(換電)

    • 電池可以在交換點以外的地方充電,從而可以更自由地設置交換設施

    • 由於受控充電條件,提高了電池壽命的可預測性

    • 如想要降低電動汽車的前期成本,我们可以以電池租賃所取代 

  • V2S2G Vehicle-Station-Grid Energy Efficient Interaction

  • Battery swapping has natural energy storage advantages, and the interaction between the vehicle and the grid can be realized through the swapping station, which effectively contributes to the achievement of the national carbon neutrality goal.

  • At the sub-forum of “Key Technologies for Battery Swap and Energy Storage Application”, Aulton New Energy proposed that based on the batteries stored in the swap station, energy storage can be achieved by using two-way chargers and digital integration. With reference to the requirements of the power grid, adjusting the charging and discharging behavior of the swapping station can achieve an orderly management balance between battery swapping services and grid peak shaving and valley filling.

  • Aulton innovatively proposes the concept of “V2S2G” Vehicle-to-Station-to-Grid, that is, energy-efficient interaction between battery-swapping vehicles, battery-swapping stations, and power grids. Each Aulton Battery Swap Station is an urban distributed energy storage station, which is conducive to local energy consumption; it can also support the power grid with full power, realize trough charging and peak discharge, adjust power balance and reduce grid pressure.

  • Aulton proposed the concept of “V2S2G” – the integration of tram battery swap, battery swap station and power grid to achieve efficient energy interaction. At the same time, Aulton plans to put more than 10,000 battery swap stations into operation nationwide (China) by 2025, providing battery swap services for more than 10 million new energy vehicles.

  • Up to now, more than 670 battery swap stations have been built and put into operation in 47 cities across the country. Aulton and 16 mainstream car companies jointly developed nearly 30 battery-changing models Under Aulton’s world-leading chassis battery swapping technology, it takes 20 seconds for passenger cars and 40 seconds for commercial vehicles.

  • V2S2G车-站-网能源高效交互
  • 奥动创新性提出“V2S2G”概念,即在换电车辆、换电站、电网三者之间进行能源高效交互。每一座奥动换电站,都是一座城市分布式储能站,有利于能源就地消纳;更可以全功率支撑电网,实现波谷充电、波峰放电,调节电力平衡,降低电网压力。


Block Diagram for EV Battery Swap System


§ Entry Verification Terminal (Activated by App)

§ Positioning the Vehicle

§ Swapping the SBS to the EV via Robotic

§ Transferring the SBS to the Storage Rack

§ SBS Management System

§ Storing the SBS

§ Charging the SBS

§ Display board and Control

Our Partner Aulton New Energy 奥动新能源