EV Battery Swap Solution

电动汽车自动化电池更换系统 EV Battery Swap Solution

  • 我们利用速度更快的电池更换技术来降低消费者的顾虑。换电服务不只针对私家车辆提供服务,也为其他车辆包括巴士和货車进行换电,我们的目标是为不同品牌的电动车都提供换电池服务。我们的服务使用了自动化流程,可以在不到1分钟的时间里用充满电的电池替换电量耗尽的电池,这套流程适用于任何电动车,又快捷又方便。更重耍是舒服又安全,你减少下車的麻烦和不受天气的影响。换了充满电的电池就继续你的行程。为減少碳排放量出一份力,为气候缓化尽一份心。享受更绿色的环境。
  • We have adopted the fastest process for battery swap technology to reduce consumer worries and hazards. Our offer for EV Battery Swap services not only for private EV cars or taxis, we also supporting buses, vans and lorries for the battery swapping. Our target is to build up the capabilities to serve different brands of Electric Vehicle locally in Singapore. With the Automated process, we are able to swap EV battery exhausted / low power to a fully charged EV battery within ONE MINUTE. The whole process will be automated and digitalization via Mobile App and payment portal. The consumer will not need to get out from their vehicle, stay Safe and Comfort, operating with the access card and mobile phone. Accelerate the EV implementation, contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and do your part for the climate mitigation. Enjoy a greener environment.

     Contact : Joseph Tan (+65 81868338)

     Email: joseph.tan@energreentechs.com

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